Top 10 best defender in football 2020

It is kind of obvious that for most of us, goals are more exciting. Who doesn't while the player makes an effort from 30 yards out? Be that as it may, winning matches and becoming champions require extra than scoring goals. The combination of defensive and offensive tactics is a must.

If we see Manchester City's campaign this year. They scored more goals than any other club in EPL. Yet they are not the champions of England.    

Quite often while the honors are given out, defenders are not the show-stealer of the night. As the defender's role is vital in the field. With unmistakable playing styles and a strong mentality to hold a defensive line. So what follows is a positioned rundown of Top 10 defenders in 2020

Before we start, a couple of respectable notices player likes Gerard Pique, Thiago Silva, and De ligt who barely neglected to make our pinnacle 10 records. 

Top 10 best defender in football 2020 

10.Mats Hummels

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

In Bundesliga, When it includes Mats Hummels, they say every tackle of his has a tale to tell. Viewed as one among the top of the line defenders on the planet, Hummels has generally been a steady, strong, and genuine player. 

His capacity to peruse the game and catch forwards move, further to being strategically robust, makes him a whole defender. Hummels is additionally an offensive player and always ensuring midfielder given his control, confidence in keeping possession. 

German has situated in suburb exhibitions for a long time. His overall strength and authority have given noticeable wins. He is often compared with Germany's best ever stopper Franz Beckenbauer. 

 9.Milan Skriniar

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

It changed into in 2017 that Milan Skriniar joined Inter Milan from Sampdoria. The Slovakian has a combination of physic and tactic which introduced himself as one in everything about quality be in Europe's best defenders

Skriniar being the man to man defender. During games inside the lower back, his positioning is faultless and he peruses the game genuinely well. 

In the event of his stay at Inter, Skriniar has gone to show signs of improvement and higher status beneath the in a position tutelage of Antonio Conte. The 25-year defender is an astounding character to rule the defensive line is noticeable all around. Throwing the blend of aggression and talent of robust defending, He is one of the most promising defender in the market. 

8.Leonardo Bonucci

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

If we forget the average season of his at AC Milan, in Serie A Leonardo Bonucci had a perfect decade packed with standard and gigantic defending exhibitions in Serie A. Bonucci is as whole a middle half as you will discover. 

Protectively solid and generally stable and steady, the Italian has not regularly fallen underneath pressure or wasted any possession. He is comprehended for his method of passing skills and the potential to trigger an offensive game from the backline with his right long passes. 

Additionally to he is displaying his ball-winning capabilities is the thing that has isolated Bonucci from the other celebrated defenders. He is a tall, cell, and powerful protector, with the awesome positional ability and the possibility to peruse the game.

7.Raphel Varane

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

In La Liga a specialist who has won everything - this is a brilliant way to depict this French defender.  At 27 years, Raphael Varane has won 4 Champions League titles and a World Cup. Generally, the Frenchman has gotten 16 dominating honors at Real Madrid since moving to the Bernabeu inside the mid-year of 2011. 

There is a diffused stunner to Varane's style that one needs to appreciate. He has typical knowledge and his impression of the game resembles a special gesture. Consolidate that along with his blasting pace and top-notch physical characteristics which made him complete modern stopper. 

6.Giorgio Chiellini

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

There are various qualities that describe Giorgio Chiellini. Be that as it may, the two traits which have been the greatest obvious are fearless and reliability. Chiellini is the exact mix of brain and physic, the perfect trait for a defender. 

He is a beast on the field. Because of his decision, a straightforward defensive style, Chiellini has been depicted as a good old skool player, who basically fills in as a winner. 

Chiellini has been blessed to play nearby incredible defenders at some phase in the way of his career. Which made him loaded with experience enough to rule the game flawlessly on the pitch. He may not be the quickest, the greatest, or perhaps the best, nonetheless, with his talents and winning mentality he is a special defender.

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 5.Aymeric Laporte

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

A defender with a fantastic passing assortment, Aymeric Laporte is a phenomenal sort of footballer with a strong vigorous mentality. Be that as it may, Laporte is the player who approaches to Pep Guardiola and told him Premier League is simple for him to adjust.

In truth, In EPL Laporte is unlikely underestimated. The Spaniard is similarly as suitable on the grounds that any semblance of Van Dijk or different stars defender, notwithstanding/

His character and his predominant mindset are top-notch. Laporte is quick, durable inside the air, and actually stable. He has all the traits of a world-polish center back. As per Guardiola, he is an incredible left pivotal defender in Etihad. 

 4.Diego Godin

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

At number 4 we have Atleti's former incredible captain, Diego Godin. He has been commendable for clubs and nations throughout the most recent decade. No player has embodied Diego Simeone's Atleti more than him. 

Godin's Straight forward and Professionalism are the traits that made him a real example to the newbies. In his prime time with the Los Rojiblancos, he was arguably the best defender of the 2010s. 

Presently with Inter Milan, Diego Godin is a warrior in the most genuine sense. He will not dishearten his crew-mates. When taking charge of the defensive line. It is hard to penetrate one to one from his side Be that within aerial prowess or defensive prowess on the ground, Godin is consistently there. 

3.Kalidou Koulibaly

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

A major, dynamic, quick, and genuinely solid yet exquisite player, Kalidou Koulibaly is a 'Goliath Beast' on account of the manner in which he approaches his game. His ability of man-marking, positioning, defensive prowess, handling the situation, keeping possession is generally extraordinary. A player who was uncertain about the future during youth, Koulibaly has formed into one of the most exceptional promising competitors in present-day football. 

With a blend of tremendous quality, pace, hostility on and off the ball, eminent control, and incredible passing extent, Koulibaly is perhaps among the best defenders on the present day. 

2.Sergio Ramos

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

The Spaniard defender is one of the most consistent defenders in La Liga for more than a decade. His Big robust physic and tip-top mindset, the 2 properties that make Sergio Ramos different from any other defender. 

Ramos is skilled with temper and is a truly strong player who exceeds expectations inside the air as a result of his height, heading precision, his athletic ability, and capacity to exceed expectations in the two segments of the circle are coordinated by almost no defender out there. He is all in one entertainer in high-pressure conditions and that skill of getting pivotal dreams makes him an International class player.  Sergio Ramos has been playing on the pinnacle level for quite long.

It is also true that due to short temper nature, he is also the player who has been hated the most. After all his temper and winning mentality makes him the winner.

1.Virgil Van Dijk

Top 10 best defender in football 2020

You simply wonder how one signing can significantly alter a group. That has surely been the situation with Liverpool and Virgil Van Dijk. Nearly everybody questioned- How Dutchman would satisfy the Reds with his huge price tag after his record-breaking move to Anfield. Be that as it may, he was the game-changer in Anfield. 

He was the defender who realizes how to pick his planning and anticipate the correct challenge. It is astonishing how brisk he was given to his monster structure. As appropriately just like a solid with of the ball, Van Dijk moreover was the fear of the opposition when venturing out from the defensive line possessing the ball.

Van Dijk has the entire thing you'd need is a front line back: quality, speed, aerial ability, and capacity to hold the ball. Which made him the best defender in 2020.

With that, this is the list of 10 best defenders in football 2020. If you have some other thoughts tell us in the comments

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