Premier league 2019/20 | All you need to know | prediction

English premier league 2019/20: Total teams, promotion and relegation process, prize money for winners

Premier league 2019/20 | All you need to know | prediction

English Premier League

English Premier league, the top division league in England. It is the most lucrative and commercially attracted league in the world. Premier league earns most in terms of TV revenue and commercial revenue in whole Europe. It also has the most prize money for the winners and others commercial bonuses.
So to win the Trophy and price money top 20 best teams from all over the England participate to crown the champions of the England. Premier league usually starts from the August and it finishes the league by end of may. The Premier league match structure follows point system, in a full campaign year it plays total 38 matches in weekly bases excluding the international breaks and other emergency crisis. At the end of the league the crown is given to the team with most points. 

Point system

     Winner              Draw           Lose
        3                         1                  0

How much the winner team Earns

Being in the top league is most honored and after end of the season for all the hard work and entertaining people all the teams are getting the price money on the basis of their standing position the price money usually differ by 2+ million. After a full heated campaign the winner of the English Premier league will earn about 38+ million.The runner ups will get 35+ and so on. So for this season it is no doubt that Liverpool will get crown of champions of England and they will expected to get around 38+ million for winning the league.

Promotion and relegation

At the end of the Premier league out of top 20 teams the least three teams with lowest points are relegated. From division 2 the top 2 position holders will get promoted to first division and get the two empty seats. The last seat is decided by playoff between the four teams who are in the top six excluding the top 2. The winner will get the last seat. 

Premier League prize money 2018/19

    1. £38.3 million– Manchester City
    2. £36.2 million – Liverpool
    3. £34.6 million – Chelsea
    4. £32.6 million– Tottenham
    5. £30.7 million – Arsenal
    6. £28.8 million – Manchester Utd
    7. £26.9 million– Wolves
    8. £25  million– Everton
    9. £23.1 million – Leicester
    10. £21.1  million– West Ham
    11. £19. 2 million– Watford
    12. £17.3  million– Crystal Palace
    13. £15.4 million – Newcastle
    14. £13.4 million– Bournemouth
    15. £11.5 million – Burnley
    16. £9.6 million– Southampton
    17. £7.7 million– Brighton
    18. £5.8 million– Cardiff
    19. £3.8 million– Fulham
    20. £1.9 million– Huddersfield

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