Adriano the Emperor | Football world's biggest loss | Fallen Emperor

Adriano - One of the greatest talents of Brazil Who was once called Adriano the emperor. But he was also considered the football world's biggest loss

 Adriano the Emperor | Football world's biggest loss | Fallen Emperor

In the world of football if we think about Brazil since from 1958 it has been evident that we have seen so many talents and star players who have rise through. The players like Pele, Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldhino and so many young talents.
Likewise, Adriano was also one of the promising stars of Brazil who has the potential of being one of the greatest players. But he ruined his career, often called the fallen emperor.

Adriano - Another Brazilian Wonder Kid

The Brazilian star Adriano grew up in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. His childhood was not pleasant. The area he grew up is filled with poverty and gangster. Despite all the hardship he managed to play football in the streets of Rio. Though he had the talent he cannot afford the academy to make it into professional.
Though money was tight in his family still his father notices his talent and dream of becoming one of the greatest players like Pele. So he somehow started saving money so that he can get proper football coaching.

In his youth club, he was a very promising kid and one step ahead of all his mates. His physical ability and stature impressed all his managers. With time he made his reputation and name in his local area. Finally, in 1999 at the age of 17, he was signed by Flamengo. His start of a professional career. 

Adriano - The new Ronaldo

 Adriano the Emperor | Football world's biggest loss | Fallen Emperor

In Flamengo Adriano was the complete striker with high pace, strong foot, and resilient physical ability which made him one of the fans favorite. Due to his phenomenal playing style in Brazil, he was often compared to the one and only Ronaldo and he will follow the path of him. His headliner performance is making headlines in Europe big leagues. Many big clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and other clubs are eyeing on him. Finally, in 2001 he was signed by Italian giants Inter Milan. There he was got a chance to learn from his mentor and idol Ronaldo he moved to Italian giants Inter Milan. In his first year due to the full packed squad, he did not get much chance but still, he managed to score 1 goal in 8 appearance. The next year to get the proper momentum of playing big and competitive league like Serie A he was loaned to Florentina. 

In Florentina, Adriano started to get some momentum. In his first year, he scored 6 goals in 15 appearances which were quite impressive for a 19-year kid during that time. Due to his impressive performance and promising display another Italian club Parma who showed a huge interest in him. So he moved to Parma. In his time with Parma, he got a lot of experience and playing time which results in 23 goals in 37 appearances.
After two splendid years with Parma due departure of Ronaldo to Real Madrid. As expected he was ready to take his position. In his first season, the 21-year old did not disappoint his fans and the club directors with a tally of 12 goals in 18 appearances. The next season was also splendid. In Italy Adriano, one of the deadliest strikers and often called the emperor due to his splendid performance and ruling every game like famous emperor Publio Elio Adriano

Adriano - The fallen emperor

 Adriano the Emperor | Football world's biggest loss | Fallen Emperor

During the halfway to the season of 2004/05, Adriano got terrible news from Brazil that his beloved father has passed away at the age of 44 which made him go through mental trauma. Still, after that, he tried to stay strong. In the game, he was scoring goals as usual and dedicating all his goals in the memory of his father. But he was evident that he turning more aggressive. The next season he seemed like lost for motivation in football, battling with depression and he made a new friend with alcohol.

With time Adriano became more like an Alcoholic than a professional footballer. Late-night partying and excessive drinking resulted in missing training game, gaining extra weight in addition to his huge physic. In the game also his performance started to downgrade. In 2009 Inter let him go due to lack of work ethic. 

Even after going through so many things Adriano was decent in pitch and managed to play football somehow. In football, there have been so many great talents. Sometimes due to lack of physical and injuries, many stars are doomed. In Adriano's case, he was physically beast but due to losing in mental battle and lack of discipline, he ruined his career. In reality, he has the potential and he was one of the promising future stars in football.  

Football fans, do you think he can be the greatest if he did not fall.  
tell us thought in the comments. We will be happy to know that. 


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