Zero to Hero feat Mohamad Salah

Zero to Hero feat Mohamad Salah

In the current period,The Egyptian and Liverpool player we know, who is considered to be one the best strikers in Europe.

The Egyptian started his career from an small local club in his hometown Al Mokawloon. That time he was playing as a full back. Due to his speed and pacy dribbles, the coach promoted his position to right wing. This was starting well. But a tragedy during football match in his home town caused havoc to shut football in his home town.

He then join Swiz team Fc Basel. There he was having a good time. He won two consecutive season with them. During Champions league match against Chelsea. He scored 2 goals. Which made headlines in England. He was then signed by Chelsea.

The Chelsea move wasn't fruitful as he thought. At Chelsea, after few debut matches he was no where to be seen in the teams line up. Always seen on the bench. With the decline in his performance pressure was coming from all side to pull him down. His career was on the hanging state.

After going through hard times he moved to Serie-A team AFC Florentina. There he worked hard to improve his overall performance and technical skills. His hard work pays him, when he moved to A.S Roma. He was rising like never before. He was scoring goals, giving assist and making head lines. Which brought the attention of the English club Liverpool. He moved back to Premier league with an record signing of the club.

This time Salah was not that lost kid. In his debut season he ruled Premier league as a childs play.He scored 32 goals. unfortunately they did not won the Premier league. But he was crowned EPL's player of the Year in his Debut season.Till now he has scored 91 goals and 37 assist in 144 matched played for the Club. He has one of the best overall stats in his club.

Now he is not only a professional player, but an inspiration to the millions. He has more than 37 millions follower in IG. In some parts of south Asia and Africa he is considered as god. And if you don't know him you are not an football fan.
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