Top 10 highest paid coach in 2020

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Today we thought about making the top 10 Highest paid manager's in football world. You may be shocked to know that the some of the highest paid manager in world won't be as you thought. Before you go we want you to make top 10 prediction from your side.

Top 10 highest paid coach in 2020

10)Rafael Benitez

After leaving Newcastle united last season. Benitez joined Chinese super league club Dalian Yifangs. He had an deal with the Chinese club for 2 seasons. For now he is earning about 12 millions per year. In China he is one of the most paid managers.

9)Massimiliano Allegri

Allegri the former manager of Juventus who has been the manager of Juventus for 4 years. In his career with the old lady he won 5 consecutive league titles,4 copa italia, and two finals in UCL. Though he is not the manager of Juventus still report says that he is earning about 13 millions which is more than their current manager.

8)Fabio Canavaro

The Italian professional manager who is currently the manager of Chinese super league club Gaungzhou Evergrande. Under him they won last years Chinese super cup and they were runner up in the league titles behind the Shanhai SIPG. Report says that he is earning about 17 millions per year 

7) Ernesto Valverde

Due to his inconsistency in holding the title and losing Copa del rey from Atletico he was sacked from senior manager without completing his season with Catalans and replaced with Qeique Setien. Still being under the deal with Barca he is earning about 19 millions per year. In his time with barca he has won 2 league title, Copa del rey and super Copa Espana.

6)Jose Mourinho

The special one joined Tottenhum after an surprise sacking of the thier ex-manager Pochettino. The reason might be due to his never winning title curse. Reports says that Portuguese professional manager is aspect-ed to be paid around 20 millions per year. Under the special one, fans believe they will win trophy soon.

5)Zinedine Zidane

After returning back to his professional managing career with Real madrid again. Under his spell Real's have improved really well with their tactical and team overall performance. Reports says that Real Madrid are paying him about 21 millions per year

4)Jurgen Klopp

The popular German professional manager, who last year won Europe's most prestige title with Liverpool and this season they are sure to win the league title after about 30 years of long wait. Which brings him in the one of the best managers in modern era. Reports says that he is earning around 22 millions per year.

3)Pep Guardiola

The Spanish professional manager who is considered to be one of the best manager in history. Currently he is the manager of English club Manchester city. Under him they won 2 consecutive league titles. Reports says Manchester city are paying him around 25 millions per year. Which brings him in third in our list

2) Antonio Conte

Ever since his wonderful display in Euro-16 which lead Italy into the finals. He has been a widely known professional manager and considered in the list of best. Currently he is the manager of Inter Milan and they are third position in the league. Report says that he is earning about 27 millions per year. Which brings him in second position.

1)Diego Simeone

The Argentinian Professional manager who is widely known for his consistency. It has been 9 consecutive years straight being the manager of the Spanish club Atletico. Under him Atletico won 1 league title, 2 Europa league,2 UEFA super cup and 1 copa del rey. Reports says that Atletico are paying him 36 millions per year. Which made him the top highest paid manager in 2020.

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