Lionel Messi | How well you him | Q&A

Today we bring you the quiz of world one of the best player of all time Lionel Messi. The Barcelona and Argentinian Star.
Messi fans are ready to take the challenge. Prove that you are the (No one 1 fan) and answer the quiz.

Lionel Messi Quiz

A. When he was born?      

... Answer is D)

B. Where he was born?

... Answer is B)

C. Messi's Childhood club?

... Answer is C)
Newell's Old Boys

D. Messi joined Barcelona in which year?

... Answer is A)

E. Messi won his first UCl trophy in which year?

... Answer is C)

F. Messi won his first Ballon d'or in which year?

... Answer is B)

G. In which year messi has the best season?

... Answer is A)

H. In his best season how many goals he scored?

... Answer is D)

I. In which competition Messi is all time top scorer?

... Answer is C)
La Liga

J. Messi Or Cristiano, Who is better?

... Answer is D)
Subjective,it depends

K. How many trophies Lionel Messi won till now?

... Answer is B)

L. How many goals Lionel Messi scored till now?

... Answer is A)

M. Which trophy, Messi has made record winning of all time?

... Answer is D)
Ballon d'or

N. Is Lionel Messi the best player of all time?

... Answer is D)
All of the Above

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